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Still, we know that things are different from how they appear

My travel blog is inspired by the way in which Robert Battison, a physicist and scientific populariser, who talks about dawns and how we are used to look at them. He says that dawn seems to run towards us, but it is us who go towards the light, transported by the rotation of the planet. It is us, who actually emerge, not the sun. It is us who finally sneak into the bright cone of our star, coming out of the shadow that the Earth makes to itself every night.

In the same way, travel reverses our perspectives, transporting us towards an understanding that often moves away from common sense. If dawn is a beginning, this blog wants to accompany the discovery of new beginnings and changes of perspective. A journey to understand how our understanding of things has changed, how we can see them from another point of view.

I think the universe does not easily reveal its secrets. Indeed, it obliges those who seek answers to questions through exploratory paths.

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