I visited Yangon in October 2019 while I moved to Thailand for studying. I was on a study break and I told myself: “why not reaching the neighbour country for a few days?” Chiang Mai – Yangon is just a couple of hours by plane and I must say among all the countries I have visited so far this has been one of the most majestic. You can tell that the Government has recently opened up the doors to International visitors so it has still a lot of history and originality to show. When I visit around, I always try to live the local side of the place so here I visited many places and using public transportation as much as possible. If I can travel in an eco-friendly way, why not? 

So, while I was walking in the very centre of the town not that far from the Pagoda which is the main symbol of the city, I found myself in a street that looked like these.



That was very interesting to me as you just need to turn the corner and you find yourself in a residential area in construction and in very dirty and poor conditions.  

But then I turned another corner and, wow! I was surrounded by colours, paintings, street art and so on. 

I entered the “Alley Garden”! 

What a sensational feeling


Now the beige and the brown disappeared and I saw many young people around playing in that area. So I did a bit of research and discovered that this project was designed together with the neighbourhood residents. The alleyways feature gardens, playgrounds, exercise equipment as well as other elements to let residents spend some time for recreation as generally Yangon is a dense area and lacks good public space. 

Artists local NGOs and merchants, tour companies are all working together to ensure long term sustainability of the space and to keep it clean, inclusive and vibrant! 

Alley Garden is a Project that is funded, supported and organised by Many Governments and NGOs both Internationally and locally and it is a proof that art can be used for different purposes including social changes into our everyday life! Have a look at the project:

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