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So, seriously, are you rich or what’s the deal?

I must say I was really lucky before I became an adult. Then i realised that travelling with my parents support was not fun anymore. So I started to look at all the way to travel even without having a stable job. Besides all the travel that I have been doing through University’s scholarship i started working in the summer for an Italian travel agency based in my hometown. This allowed me to save money to travel for pleasure besides all the travel I do for work and study! Otherwise, there are many website where you can find people that can host you and in change you can work for them or people that are with a low-budget and aere willing to host you such as couch surfing or workaway

How do you meet people when you travel?

Solo travel can be really fun because you are mostly looking for activities that you enjoy and following your rhythm but of course, as social human being we want to talk and interact at some point! Travelling in hostels is the best way to meet young travellers like you and usually there are many activities that are organised so, picking a good hostel could be a way. Otherwise, joining any facebook events such as visits to museums, city walking tour or food tours are also a good way to visit a new place in company! 

What about visas, customs, and potentials dangers in each country you visit?

Visas and all potential new situations that we might face in a new country are for sure the less pleasant factor of a travel but at the same time something that we cannot avoid! As regard Visas it all depends on your nationality and also on the length of stay in the country you are about to visit. The website that I always check is the (in my case) Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see which country I am allowed to visit. Besides my Government’s website I like to consult this website here too because I feel it is organised and full informed for a traveller. When I need to move I also have a look at this website that shows you the cost of living comparing them with other nations (or yours). 

If you had to travel again, where would you?

Well.. each travel gave me different sensations and feelings.. but I remember with pleasure my stay in Brasil for a couple of months. The mixture of culture, people, history, language and customs really left me a wonderful memory. Maybe because it was the first time I was facing so much poverty and lack of basic needs among people that left me with a lot of questions and reflections. It was a turning point to start looking at the world from a new perspective and to re-think about my priorities in life. So… I would totally go back to Brasil around the Bahia Region! 

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