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I remember that time when I was 16 years old and the teacher told me I was selected to work in Madrid for three weeks, alone. Gosh If I was scared to take that plane, to meet the owner of the house, to sleep in my room, to face the reality all by myself.. with my family and my friends far from me! The desire to do new experiences and meet new people was stronger than me.. So I took the plane and I got to Madrid all by myself but with the support of my loved ones and my teacher.

No wonder what happened when that first solo trip ended: I became a nomad. I enjoyed so much that experience that started to look at similar opportunities by myself. Then I moved to the U.S. for an exchange year during high school, I ended up in Brazil for a volunteer experience, I travelled around Europe to work as a tour leader, I moved to Malta, Ireland and Thailand for my Master.

And now? I am currently working in support of the vulnerable population around the world and this life of a humanitarian brings me around the globe, makes me always moving towards new places, people and experiences. So here I am showing you a bit of my adventures around the globe through storytelling stories, sunset I have in my camera, people I met on my path, food I tried for the first time, nature I have been surrounded by and colours I have been chasing!

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You can either spend your life dreaming or making those dreams come true. You have to embrace whatever may come and choose to make the difference.
Traveling could be a hobby as well as a natural instinct you are born with. You may have that feeling of discovering, getting to know, capturing, observing, appreciating once you are in a different place from the one you come from.
If you go out there without any fear, tackling new situations as it would be an energetic breakfast in the morning you could end up loving every moment of your existence. Being grateful for that. Wanting more of that.

Ability to Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone 98%
Overcoming Your Own Fears 92%
Flexibility and Adaptability 96%
Proactive and Active Listener 90%

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