Tour Leader for Travel Agency

I have many years of experiences as a Tour Leader. My last trip was in Portugal, it lasted 8 days. I was travelling around the all country with a travel agency from my home town, Campobasso.

The first stop was in Lisbon where we took a bus that brought us to Porto the same day. For the next days we visited: Coimbra, Fatima, Lisbon, Cascais, Nazarè and Obidos. I organised a night out with the clients to listen to a Fado exhibition in a not-really-known-place in the city and they loved it!

I always transmit my passion for travelling to all people I travel with so I started working as a Tour Leader during my free-time. In addition, my knowledge of four languages (Italia, English, Spanish and Portuguese) helped me a lot. Above all, the experience for travelling made me start working occasionally as a Tour Leader.


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