I spent six months in Thailand for studying and working. My eyes witnessed so much but my memories are full of pictures, smell, sounds and amazing conversation that I had while i was living in Chiang Mai or visiting the surroundings..  

Thailand is a bit like this

Sometimes it is so quiet, you find yourself surrounded by nature, hearing nothing but rain coming down or birds singing or animals you have never heard before – that happened most of the time I must say. Other times it is so loud. The music on the street is loud, people who talk, traffic, scooters, cars. It is a complete chaos but surprisingly after that you get used to it and once that you are not into it.. you start missing it! 

There is food in each corner of the city and people are cooking until late, on the street: Pad Thai, sticky rice mango rice, all type of rice, sweet, salty, violet, brown, white.. chicken, fish or tofu on the barbecue, exotic fruits and fruit shakes of thousands of colours, a lot of handcraft objects and mostly organic and natural, clothes made by silk and cotton, soaps and perfumes..

 You smell meat and see these big clouds of smoke quite often. Next to the hospitals, next to ATMs, in the University campus, in front of the supermarket, in the parks, in the jungle.

Something is always happening. Yoga meetings, meditation, salsa dances, fundraising events, BBQs, hikes, language exchange, workshops. Really difficult to get bored here.

And everyone lives with one and unique state of mind: SABAI SABAI. There is no real translation to this word because it encapsulates some concepts we (I am talking as an European) are not used to hear or experience much in our everyday life. Sabai Sabai is a state of mind. It means "Let it go". Thai people live with this mindset and they apply it to everything it seems like they live in another space-time dimension and ready to take life as it comes aware that we are not able to contro the events of life. it is a state of consciousness. Relax, breath in, let it be, feel comfortable and happy. 

What a not common way to live life eh? So used to think about how productive we can be, how much profit we can make, how much we need to rush and get things done. 

I think I am bringing in my routine a bit of Thailand

I am bringing in my routine a bit of “Sabai Sabai”


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  • Nick Pham
    Posted 17 Maggio 2020

    Wow never heard of such great state of mind before from Thailand. Happy someone is embracing Sabai Sabai so more of us know about it

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