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Nowadays we are bombarded by all the travel options, offers, low cost plane tickets, last-minute options and so on that we really forget or do not consider the real reasons we are jumping on a plane, train or bus to reach a destination.

I have been travelling since many years and I can finally feel comfortable enough to plan a trip for myself or for other people for a break or even for moving for a long period. As almost everything in life, travelling needs experience and practise and after few trips, perhaps those organised by some travel agencies, you can start planning by yourself.

In that way you are fully empowered to decide everything about the trip and as I always do, you can make it smart and sustainable as much as possible. Besides the many stories and people I met I like to share with you some tips for travelling that became my routine before any kind of travel 🙂

what shall I put into my backpack?
First of all, which backpack do I need? My travel buddy n.1 is my Deuter ACT Lite 35 + 10 SL Lady . I got it for my graduation and from that day I never left it alone! The dimension of the backpack in the link contains around 8kg but I managed to put almost 10kgs!  I love it and recommend it for…
What to do when you arrive in Thailand

Travelling is such a thing nowadays especially when you are travelling around your region. As a European for me, crossing the Italian border to get to Germany has the same weight as taking the train from Rome to Milan. What happens when you fly to another continent?  Well, here you might think that the challenge arrives but with a bit…



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