First of all, which backpack do I need?
  1. My travel buddy n.1 is my Deuter ACT Lite 35 + 10 SL Lady . I got it for my graduation and from that day I never left it alone! The dimension of the backpack in the link contains around 8kg but I managed to put almost 10kgs!  I love it and recommend it for many reasons for those who really want to get on adventures like I do. You can wear it on your shoulder and it distributes all the weight on your body and it has many pockets especially internal ones where you can place the wallet or important stuff. It can be used as a carry on – for my European friends, Ryanair accepts it!
  2. Work in layers and roll items like T-shirts. I always put clothes into themed mesh: you can have underwear in one mesh bag and pants\T-shirt\sport clothes in another one etc. Also, never forget the bag for dirty clothes and a k-way, unless you are going to destinations where it is raining everyday! F
  3. Try to avoid liquids: good substitutes can be a soap like LUSH has organic handmade solid cosmetics including shampoo, toothpaste  and scrubs so you will avoid the extra-weight and you will have with you natural product because.. we like to #besustainable. If you cannot avoid the liquids then I suggest you put them in a smaller travel container, even at Tiger you can find them, and put them in a way to take them out easily during the security checks (remember always less than 100ml and no more than 1 litre total of liquids). Also, bring with you a water bottle to fill in! In most of the airports I have been to there are water fountains and it might be a good way to avoid using plastic and not carry water for long traits.. also, the backpack has side pockets!
  4. Always have under your supervision important stuff you do not want to lose or have them stolen and the best way to carry them with you I believe is through a Fanny. I started using it recently and especially when you are on a road trip it will make your life so much easier! Imagine the first day of the trip: getting to the airport, carrying your luggage (or wearing it), getting to the check-in desk, going under the security-check and then you do not even have to open your bags so much cause is handy! What do I usually put in it?  Passport or Identity Card, Your Credit Card and some cash and a portable charger with the wire – sometimes for intercontinental travel I have a mini wallet where I put the ejector tool for the sim card, a piece of paper and a pen.

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