5 steps 

1. Be organised

Organisation is the key word.. and always remember to ask yourself: “Do I need it?”. Wherever you end up going, remember that most of the time you will not be able to change often during the day so If you can even prepare the outfits before putting random stuff in the luggage that would save you a lot of space! Also, you might want to buy a little memory from the place that you are about to visit!

2. Brainstorm 

After I got lost in places that I was not neither able to pronounce or that time  that I was not able to communicate with people even just to ask where the metro was, I opted for downloading an offline map on my phone to use it in a place once arrived. Also, doing a bit of brainstorming for the basic initial steps like: How do I reach the hostel\hotel from the airport? Where can I change my money? Where can I get the SIM Card? Most of these things you can do at the airport..

3. Learn from other’s experience 

Nowadays communities are growing in importance and one community that I find super useful before travelling  is the one that you can find on social media like Facebook. So, every now and then I like to check about some information from Italians who are residents in the country that I am about to visit. I usually find this group that is called “Italians in Dublin” or “Italians in Chiang Mai”. I remember that time when I asked them how to get a driver license when I was living in Chiang Mai and I got like 10 answers in 1 day? It was super useful and this became my mantra wherever I go!

4. Register your travel

Either if you are travelling in company or by yourself and especially if you are travelling really far from your place, you may want to register your travel in your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs profile, for instance, in my case, as an Italian I usually register all my travels on the Italian Government website to keep it informed and share all the info and contacts about my travel plans.

5. Now prepare your Backpack! 

Before we explore some tricks to get ready for a long-weekend trip, something you want to check is the weather forecast – whether you are planning a weekend out to the mountain, on the beach, in the jungle or on an island – you should bring with you the right outfit and accessories! Now we can check how to get ready.. AND PREPARE OUR BACKPACK!

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