Travelling is such a thing nowadays especially when you are travelling around your region. As a European for me, crossing the Italian border to get to Germany has the same weight as taking the train from Rome to Milan. What happens when you fly to another continent? 

Well, here you might think that the challenge arrives but with a bit of organisation before the travel you can enjoy even a travel outside your comfort zone! What shall you consider when you get to Thailand? As you are looking for information about this country specifically i suppose you have already planned your trip there.. but, I always suggest any traveller to do a little brainstorming before the arrival date. Knowing basic info about the country is always a good idea: does the public transportation work? Do they accept credit cards or they prefer cash? Do they have any particular app where they chat\call? Is english spoken in the country or shall I learn some new words – Thank you, Hello, Bye, Where? What is the emergency number I should know? Where can I buy a sim card? Where can I exchange money? 

When I moved to Thailand my flight landed in Bangkok and there I already knew where to go to exchange money and get a new SIM Card. At the lowest floor of the airport there is an exchange money kiosk that is called Superrich and has an orange sign, apparently this is the cheapest exchange rate you can get when you change the money. I would not suggest withdrawing much as the fee at the ATM is very high so having some cash to change can be the best option. I found myself many times around the city to figure out where to exchange money because credit cards are not always accepted everywhere. The second thing that I got at the airport was the SIM Card – AIS  has pretty good deals for tourists otherwise I used an offer that included only internet for unlimited GB per month. Most of Thai people use LINE – to both call and text so normal calls are really not used much. 

As the case of Thailand, public transportation will work in Bangkok for sure as there are buses, the skyline and the subway but if you move to other cities like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya.. it might be a bit more tricky to move around but the good side is that there are the so called “red cars” or the Thai uber – Grab – which will be not that expensive of course depending in which part of Thailand you are located. If you are spending your weekend in the islands forget the low prices that distinguish Thailand for the low budget adventures. Most people that end up for a few days or week-ends up renting scooters as price is convenient. How about the driving-license? Well.. it became a business around the southern part of the country especially on the islands so there are not many controls compared to the northern part but, if you have an international driving license you will have more chances to not get a fine! Again, if you are visiting Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi.. you have a higher chance to be able to speak english as in the main cities you can find mostly all kind of services and on the island there are tons of tourists that travel every year so.. you will not have many problems with the communications but If you want to explore less known areas for a hike in Chiang Mai or to explore other islands than Phi Phi such as Koh Samet.. you might need to use google translate to interact with people!

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